Pleasures of Versailles

BY Charpentier

Two tiny operas, short and sweet. The live performance recording of Pleasures of Versailles by Charpentier at Melbourne Recital Centre. Refined decadence and sophisticated pleasures, a perfect moment to celebrate the glorious music of the French Baroque, and the sweet simplicity of life itself.

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In 1682, Louis XIV initiated the “Fêtes d’appartement”, a series of festivities in the intimate rooms of the Grand Apartments at the Palace of Versailles. Three times a week, from 6 until 10 in the evening, a variety of entertainments were held for the enjoyment of the king and his favourites. Here, Pinchgut presents the live recording of the theatrical representations of these two divertissements, or “tiny operas” by Charpentier.

Les plaisirs de Versailles is a witty allegory of an evening’s pleasures at Versailles. An argument between the refined Music and the chattering Conversation is mediated by Comus, the god of feasting, who offers everyone hot chocolate, wine and nibbles – to no avail. Gambling fares no better with his offerings, but laughter reconciles all discontent! Love Conquers All is a sweet tale of shepherds and shepherdesses falling in and out of love.

An exceptional artistic team, featuring conductor Erin Helyard, director Shannon Burns, and designer Melanie Liertz. Sopranos Lauren Lodge-Campbell and Cathy-Di Zhang , mezzo-soprano Hannah Fraser, tenor Michael Petruccelli and baritone David Grecoare are joined by an expert ensemble of instrumentalists from the Orchestra of the Anitpodes to deliver a musical experience for you to relish.


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Rent now for access until April 20th.